It is in great honor that we present to you our freshly made, hot lookin’ and tasty lickin’ image. Synch Media 3.0 is a celebration of a new era for our company. We have come a long way and are looking forward to keep pleasing you with our work and creativity. We have big plans for next year including a new location in a foreign country. Acquiring a location in the precious city of Cartagena, Colombia will allow us to serve our South American clients better. Our headquarters will remain in Miami, FL.

We have teamed up with several entities to make our wokflow easier which will allow us to respond quicker without affecting the cost of our services. We also opened up a subsidiary for Website Templates that offers cutting-edge design and modern technologies to those of you seeking simplicity and quicker response. Zombie Lion will have web templates, icons, stock images and more available very soon at the website. From Newsletters to Printing we manage to become a smooth and affordable one-stop shop for your business. If you have a project that would for us to take a look at just give us a call. We are open Monday thru Friday from 9am to 6pm but sometimes we loose track of time and end up staying at the office a bit longer. Just give us a call at any time!

We are looking forward to create, innovate and optimize your project!

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